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Stamping part is a kind of forming processing method which uses press and die to exert external force on sheet, strip, pipe and profile to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of workpiece (stamping part).

The sheet metal is formed into preset shapes in a stamping press. The tool and die is the component of the press that forms parts when the sheet metal is inserted. The shaping of parts is completed by the tool and die component called the punch. The punch pushes the sheet metal through the cavity of the die, creating the shape desired.

ACE BEST using various tonnage presses and independently developed stamping dies to provide customers with high quality stamping parts required by drawings.

Advantages of Stamping Parts

● Our independently developed die has low cost for stamping.
● The stamping cost is cheap in mass production.
● Stamping parts have high dimensional accuracy, uniform size with the die, and good interchangeability.

● After plastic deformation of sheet metal, the internal structure of metal is improved and the strength of stamping parts is improved.
● In the process of stamping, the surface of stamping parts is not damaged, so it has better surface quality and smooth appearance.


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