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ACE BEST have a professional technical team who can help to design stamping die. Also we can develop and maintain mold in our own workshop.

Whether you have a tooling requirement for deep drawn stamping, complex progressive stamping or a simple single stamped part, ACE BEST ensures that the dies are built to the exact tooling specifications of your products’ requirements.

Single Die

Single die consists of one die and one punch or multiple dies and multiple punches. However, only one blanking process can be completed in one row of punch. The single die is simple in structure, low in manufacturing cost, easy to process and maintain. It is suitable for small batch or trial production parts.

Progressive Die

Progressive die is a method whereby coil or strip stock raw material is fed between an upper and lower die with multiple stations. With each stroke of the press, the material advances through the die – which has successive operations in each station to form one or more features of the part. 

A progressive stamping die may have anywhere between 2 and 20 or more stations to form a complete part. While there may be a substantial investment in upfront hard tooling, the labor cost is very small. It is suitable for mass production.

Stamping Mold Development Process

1.Mold design (according to customers’ drawing)
2.Mold design review
3.Mold breakdown part rough cnc machining
4.Heat treatment (this is very important for mold life time)
5.Precision cnc machining (this step is very important for stamping mold machining precision)
6.Mold assembly
7.Mold T0
8.Part inspeciton per drawing
9.Mold modification to drawing requirement
10.Part inspection per drawing


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